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I Help Health and Fitness Businesses Scale Using Copywriting and Sales Funnels

That's it, a simple hype-free headline...

Because that's exactly what I do.

I take your business, your product, and your vision and I create copy that is not only tailored to your company's voice...

...but also boosts its bank account.

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The One "Small Edge" The Top 1% of Businesses Have Over Their Competitors

One thing I've learned from helping businesses grow is that you need to take advantage of every edge you have over your competitors... no matter how small.

Every successful business has a copywriter at their disposal, and for good reason...

Copywriters craft their words to convert. Every aspect of a business can be improved with copywriting.

But ONLY if it's high quality copywriting...


A copywriter's skill is DIRECTLY correlated with the amount of money they make for themselves and their clients.

One "small edge" the serious, multi-million dollar businesses take advantage of is hiring more talented copywriters.

More skill means more money for their business.


But there is a little-known thing they take advantage of that makes a HUGE difference in the success of their copy, and the money it pulls in...

They find a copywriter who SPECIALIZES in their unique niche.

"Copywriting is less about writing, and more about knowing your market. The best copywriters aren’t necessarily great “writers” — they simply know their markets better than anyone else."

- Ben Settle


The secret to successful copywriting is having a deep understanding of the reader. The problem is, how is a copywriter suposed to "know their market" if they're writing about financial products one day and fitness the next?



Not well enough to build relationships with your customers...

Not well enough to craft amazing stories they resonate with...

And not well enough to grow your business rapidly. 


Do you sell financial products? Toys? Real Estate? Anything that's not health/fitness related?

Then I encourage you to find a copywritter that SPECIALIZES in YOUR UNIQUE NICHE.

But I'm not your guy... I may know somebody, but I won't be the one crafting the pretty words that convert.

But if your business is in the health & fitness niche (or any niche related to the workings of the human body) - then not only can I help you grow your business...

But if you can remember back to your algebra days in school, I can show you how to grow your business EXPONENTIALLY.

Health & Fitness has been my life since I was a teenager - even before that...

My mother, a publised author and psychotherapist, raised me in a household of yoga and healthy living.

So when I got into online marketing I realized that I was exposed to the right people...


People who gave me unique insights into the health & fitness market.

Now over 100 clients (and even more projects) later...


I know how to write for the health & fitness market better than 99% of copywriters (and I have endless control-beating results to prove it).

The first step is a call. Normally over Skype, but it depends what works best for you. 

On the call, we will go through your options and get deep into your target market. I'll also need the call to get a sense of your brand, your philosphy, and your voice.

I will then send you an in depth series of questions about your perfect customer. 

Despite my years of experience in the health & fitness industry, these questions always give me unique insights that 'help me help you'.

Doesn't matter if your running a yoga studio or have a supplement line, I'll figure out exactly what you need to say to take your prospects and turn them into buyers.

OR just message me...

Either Email me at info@DanielBechsgaard.com or Add me on Skype → Live:danrubek            

I hate to be a party pooper, but I need to be clear with you...

There's a chance we won't work together. 

I ONLY take on 3 clients at a time. And we HAVE to be a good fit...


I love what I do, but if I can't get behind your product I can't write copy that converts. 

I'm also not the person you should be looking at for discount or budget projects. 

But if you're a business owner who is eager to invest in the future of your business...

Then I'm excited to talk with you!

You'll be sent to a page where you can book a time which works best for you to talk. 


Or you can Email me at info@DanielBechsgaard.com

Add me on Skype → 'Live:danrubek'        

Myself or my assistant Grethel Szwarc will get back to you within a business day. 

Thanks for Reading!

Best Regards,
Daniel Bechsgaard

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